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is it possible to alter a form after an ajax call? what i want to do is this: i have a form with some textfields and a select box with 2 options. what i want to do is when a person chooses one option, i will unset some of the textfields(depends on which option the user choose). i do this with ajax because i need to load from my DB which input to disable. ofcouese i can hide it with jQuery(which i do). but i was wondering that if there a way for doing it in the ajax server function. 10x.

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I would get a look to the Form API of drupal and how AHAH (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP) works here and here you'll find a small example how to implement it.

Anyway you can always give a look on modules that are using it like pools, filefield (CCK), etc.

cheers :)

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