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I have searched a lot about this feature but it seems that Komodo edit does not support any shtml intellisense.

I cannot believe this as I finally found a great HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery editor but no SHTML support! I thought that I have finally found a replacement for Dreamweaver but without SHTML code hinting, it is a deal breaker for me. The problem is that I work a lot with the technologies mentioned but I also work a lot with SHTML. I googled a lot but I haven't even found a post about this matter! I cannot believe how this is possible.

Do you know how to enable SHTML intellisense for Komode Edit? Is it even possible?

Many thanks

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I managed to find a solution for this.

I added the .shtml file type in Edit, Preferences, File Associations. I Linked the .shtml file type to be read as usual HTML.

However, in Komodo Edit, I found out that when you are coding HTML, the classes for instance do not load automatically. You have to manually click CTRL + Space and this only gets you the class which the application thinks you need to use. A list with all the classes beginning with a particular character does not show up.

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but, at least on my case, it shows up as you type. Maybe because your extension is SHTML –  sergiol May 3 '11 at 21:42

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