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public object[] GetByteCodes(IEnumerable<byte> enumerableByteCodes)

     object[] objects = new object[enumerableByteCodes.Count()];

     //What the next step here?...

     return objects;
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Do those bytes in enumerableByteCodes represent objects? If not, why are you not returning a byte[]?

If you want to return a byteArray, you can just use the LINQ extension method on


If you want to return it as an object you can use the Select LINQ extension to do that too.

enumerableByteCodes.Select(t=> (object)t).ToArray();

You could also use


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byteCodes = enumerableByteCodes.ToArray();

I would simply make the function:

public byte[] GetByteCode(IEnumerable<byte> enumerableByteCodes)
    return enumerableByteCodes.ToArray();

Why are you using object[], seeing as your generic type is a byte?


Since you must have an object[], you need to cast each member:

public object[] GetByteCode(IEnumerable<byte> enumerableByteCodes)
    return enumerableByteCodes.Select(x => (object)x).ToArray();
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My next command needs object[]. Thanks man. –  Lemuel Adane Dec 16 '10 at 10:39

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