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I am writing a code to sync my outlook calendar with google calendar. I am able to add entry but the problem is when i want to update an item in google calendar I don't know which one to update.

For solving that I am adding extended property

        ExtendedProperty property = new ExtendedProperty();
        property.Name = reminderAppt.GlobalAppointmentID;
        property.Value = "App Id";

The problem is I don't know how to retrieve the same entry when ItemChanged is called.

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This is what i am using in retrieving the Extended property element.

foreach (Google.GData.Client.IExtensionElementFactory  property in  googleEvent.ExtensionElements)
            ExtendedProperty customProperty = property as ExtendedProperty;
            if (customProperty != null)
                genericEvent.EventID = customProperty.Value;                
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Old question, but maybe helpful for some:

The EventEntry.Insert method got a returnvalue, it returns an object which contains the unique EventId of the google calendarItem.

You can use that id to keep your calendar entries in sync with outlook.

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