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I have tabs and get the content of every tab with Ajax so I had to use .live() function some times !

some thing like this works fine :

jQuery(function ($) {

        centerY: false,
        message: $('#board_addItem'),
        css: { top: '25px', cursor:'default', border:'none', width:'650px' }


but now I want to use Autosave plugin form : http://raymond.raw.no/jquery-autosave/

here is the code :

JS :

    $("form select,form input,form textarea").autosave({
        success:function(data) {
            if ("name" in data)
            if ("text" in data)
            if ("textarea" in data)
            if ("checkbox" in data)
                $("<span>Checkbox: "+data.checkbox+"</span><br/>").appendTo($("#demodebug"));
            if ("radio" in data)
                $("<span>Radio: "+data.radio+"</span><br/>").appendTo($("#demodebug"));

the code works fine in the home page , but insdie tabs ( that come from ajax ) does not work ..

the question is :

How can I use .live() or .livequery() with this code ?

thanks in advance

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You can bind function to ajaxSuccess event, so it will trigger when tabs are loaded. Or trigger custom event and bind live to it, like with click.

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umm ,, thanks for your replay , but how can I do that ? can you show me a sample example please ? thanks –  i7alem Dec 16 '10 at 11:57

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