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Just updated to the latest tablesorter and looks like its broken or something. Everytime i try to open my page, firebug says: table.config.parsers is undefined

and it just break the whole javascript. If i revert the tablesorter version, it will work fine Heres JS and HTML:

        widgets: ['zebra'],
        headers: { 
            4: { sorter: false }

<table id="List" class="tablesort ui-widget-content ui-corner-top">
                <tr class="ui-widget">
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go through the documentation of latest version...may it's possible that some function signature has been changed...or there is some change in configuration – Vivek Dec 16 '10 at 11:21
just using basic stuff...they didnt changed the main tablesorter() function, im sure of it :P – alexandre Dec 16 '10 at 11:23
can we see your JavaScript and html? – Nalum Dec 16 '10 at 11:34
I've copied your code into this ( and got no errors. Do you have any other javascript on the page? – Nalum Dec 16 '10 at 11:41
As i said, everything works fine on previous version, it just breaks when i use the latest one so i doubt my js have anything with this. – alexandre Dec 16 '10 at 11:53

Bit late but, it's because you have an empty/no TR in the TBODY, it expects at least one TR.

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One way we managed to get around it is by starting off with a dummy <tr> regardless of whether the table has any data or not, and then hiding it via js on document load. – Val Redchenko Feb 8 '12 at 19:44

I just encountered this error so I thought I'd post a response in case anyone else has trouble with it later.

Although the above answer doesn't mention it, I was able to replicate the error by first instantiating tablesorter() and then triggering a sort request.

This order of events would be necessary when appending or replacing existing table data with new data via AJAX or otherwise like so:

// populate our table body with rows
$("#myTable tbody").html(json.tbody);

// let the sorting plugin know that we made a update

// set sorting column and direction, this will sort on the first and third column
var sorting = [[2,1],[0,0]];

// sort

The combination of the "update" and the "sorton" event seems to be triggering the error. By the time the "sorton" event is handled the DOM hasn't been assigned the table.config.parsers - thus the error.

The fix is to wrap the "sorton" event handling in a 1 millisecond timeout.

Replace the existing "sorton" bind in jquery.tablesorter.js (line ~803) with the following:

}).bind("sorton", function (e, list) {
    var me = this;
    setTimeout(function () {
        config.sortList = list;
        // update and store the sortlist
        var sortList = config.sortList;
        // update header count index
        updateHeaderSortCount(me, sortList);
        // set css for headers
        setHeadersCss(me, $headers, sortList, sortCSS);
        // sort the table and append it to the dom
        appendToTable(me, multisort(me, sortList, cache));
    }, 1);

tablesorter() is really a handy plugin. Thanks to Christian for releasing it.

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Another answer just in case anyone ever runs into the same scenario I did. Apparently table sorter sometimes likes to have a matching number of empty <td> elements (the same as your header elements) inside the empty <tr>. My partial example is below

        <th class="{sorter: 'text'}'' "><a href="javascript:;" title="Sort" class="arrow"><span>Network Name</span></a></th>
        <th class="{sorter: 'text'} "><a href="javascript:;" title="Sort" class="arrow"><span>Type</span></a></th>
        <th class="{sorter: false}"><a href="javascript:;" title="Sort" class="arrow"><span>Interconnections</span></a></th>
        <th class="{sorter: false}">&nbsp;</th>

    <tr style="display:none"><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td></tr>.........................
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I tried some of the answers above but they didn't help in every page we were using tablesorter. Primary reason I figured for error is that c=sortList[i][0] is undefined either because we have an empty TR or we don't same number of TD as that of TH.

I had 8 TH/TD in case I have table data and 8 TH & single TD in case I have nothing to show. I managed to check if I have no table data then don't call tablesorter to sort on specific columns which doesn't exist. This did the trick. Might help someone with similar scenario

if(tableData.length != 0){
  $("#myid").tablesorter( {sortList: [[2,0]]});

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The problem seems to be that if the table is filled via JavaScript the tablesorter doesn't find the new content unless the browser has displayed the new content.

Firing the tablesorter inside a setTimeout() routine removed that error for me.

    function initPage() {
        // Init table sorter, but give the browser a second to draw the new table
        setTimeout(function(){ $("#my_table").tablesorter(); }, 1000);
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Note that the tablesorter AJAX example only demonstrates a scenario in which new rows are appended to the existing ones. When the table is dynamically emptied and refilled with new rows, the above error surfaces.

Adding an empty row

<tr style="display:none"><td></td>...<td></td></tr>

with the same number of <td>s as the number of <th>s in the header removes the error but introduces another one: after the table is emptied and refilled with real rows, the new rows are appended to the old ones.

As an alternative to modifying the tablesorter source code, try the following invocation sequence:

setTimeout(function() { 
    /* e.g. sort by the second column in descending order */
    var sorting = [[1, 1]];
    $("#my-table").trigger("sorton", [sorting]);
}, 100);
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