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I have a sequence of std::function objects (a very primitive form of signal system). Is there a standard (in C++0x) function or functor that will call given std::function? For now I use

std::for_each(c.begin(), c.end(), 
              std::mem_fn(&std::function<void ()>::operator()));

IMHO this std::mem_fn(&std::function<void ()>::operator()) is ugly. I'd like to be able to write

std::for_each(c.begin(), c.end(), funcall);

Is there such a funcall? Alternativly I can implement a function

template<typename I>
void callInSequence(I from, I to)
  for (; from != to; ++from) (*from)();

Or may I have to use a signal/slot system, such as Boost::Signals, but I have a feeling that this is an overkill (I do not need multithreading support here, all std::functions are constructed using std::bind).

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I'm not aware of any apply function. However, in C++0x you can use lambdas and write the following.

std::for_each(c.begin(), c.end(),
    [](std::function<void ()> const & fn) { fn(); });

Alternatively, you can use the new for loop.

for (auto const & fn: c)
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That true, thanks. I have fogotten to note that I'm using Gcc 4.4 and it lack support for lambda expressions. The second could easily emulated with Boost.Foreach and it seems quite clean. –  Begemoth Dec 16 '10 at 12:11

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