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I've two problems :

1 - I want to specify number of rows which must be shown in every page of my report.

2 - If the number of fetched rows from datasource is less than amount required to fill page height, I want to fill remaining space with blank rows (every row is distinguished using its field borders). For example, if 50 rows can displayed in every page & there are only 20 rows of data which fetched from datasource, then I want to print 30 empty rows after last printed row. Consider that I cant do this with changing my sql select statement.

Can anybody help me please ?

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I had the same problem, my solution was obtain the 'empty' rows trought the sql (ORACLE in my case) the query looks like this:

Select first_field, second_field, etc..
from my_table WHERE my_condition=${parameter}
FROM EXISTING_TABLE_WITH_ROWS WHERE ROWNUM < 40 - (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM my_table WHERE   my_condition = ${parameter})

This create the empty rows above, now. If you don't see any change, try to set one field or label with the property 'Remove Line When Blank' Hope this help

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I had a similar problem, and here is a how I solved this.

First, you need a parameter (or variable maybe) with the total number of rows, and you will need the included variable Group_COUNT, "Group" will change reflecting the name of your group.

I had a parameter named "IDS", a List<Integer> used in the query to obtain the data, $P{IDS}.size() gives me the number of rows. I think you can also use the included variable "REPORT_COUNT".

Then, the most annoying part, you NEED to make the detail band long enough to hold all your data (in my case, 8 rows), and insert an image (or text component) in each row. This component will need to have 2 properties set, "Remove Line When Blank" and "Print When Expression", the first in true, and the second with the following condition:

new Boolean($P{IDS}.size() < 2 && $P{IDS}.size() == $V{Group_COUNT}.intValue())

You will have to replace $P{IDS}.size() with the expression reflecting your query row count, and the 2 with the row number, asuming you have at least 1 row, you can skip #1. Start with 2, and add 1 for every row, in your case, up to 50! (sorry!)

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I can help you with your second request:

  1. Add a TextField with this relative position

    • left:1 pixel
    • top:1 pixel
  2. Put inside "\n\n..." 50 times. That print 50 rows always.

  3. Change the size of your text

    • width: 1 pixels
    • height: 15 pixels
  4. Tick option: Strecht when overflow.


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