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At first glance, my problem seemed to be a common one: I have a custom MS Build task in some of my projects. Once I compile the projects, I cannot compile the build task any more - the build task assembly is locked by Visual Studio.

I found a lot of posts here saying 'Just inherit from AppDomainIsolatedTask'.

My task already does. The assembly contains nothing else then this task. The AppDomain seems to be unloaded, at least the DomainUnload event is fired. And, dependent assemblies are unloaded correctly.

However, the assembly containing the build task itself is locked by devenv.exe (which I double checked by ProcessExplorer).

I found another post saying 'Set the GenerateResourceNeverLockTypeAssemblies property true', which sounded promising but didn't help either.

So, I wonder what else may go wrong. The behavior is the same no matter if I use VS2008 or 2010.

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Check the answers of stackoverflow.com/questions/3371545/… –  alexandrul Jan 19 '11 at 13:15
That's not the same question. I'm having the same problem, and the problem is NOT that the task assembly is locked (which is understandable). The problem is that any dll file that you load within your task (e.g. Assembly.LoadFrom()) will never get released even after ur task's AppDomain is disposed, and even if you create another AppDomain by yourself and load the dll from there: the dll is still locked after you shut the AppDomain. The same code works OK on a console app (the program is still running, but the dll will be released if u shut the appdomain), but on VS task it behaves differently –  Sheepy Jul 14 '11 at 0:31
This is not an answer to your question but if you are doing some kind of codegen from within VS IDE, while the IDE is running, then you are probably better off leveraging either T4 templates or a VS Custom Tool. This should neatly side step your issue, especially if you use T4 Templates. –  Umar Farooq Khawaja Mar 5 '13 at 23:32

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It can be resolved by changing the file system permission security. put your current user like co-owner of the locked file.

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