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I've queries that retrieve snippets of text, which contain various html entity names, most notably € and λ, (not the actual symbol ie € or λ) from a database. I use the same queries to display reams of text in the browser, and in a RTF jasper report. the symbols are always displayed correctly in the browser.

However when i execute the query in jasper to generate a rtf doc, the € string comes out in the rtf doc as "&euro" ie the semi-colon has dissappeared, so instead of €1,000 I get &euro1000. Below is a textfield from my report. I've tried wrapping $P{label.htmlSnippet} in a CDATA but with no luck, the markup is html...so not sure what else I can do?

<textField isStretchWithOverflow="true" hyperlinkType="None"> <reportElement positionType="Float" x="375" y="285" width="80" height="12"/> <textElement textAlignment="Right" markup="html"></textElement> <textFieldExpression class="java.lang.String">$P{label.htmlSnippet}</textFieldExpression> </textField>

any help, ideas suggestions appreciated

regards John

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Do you need isStyledText="true" in the textElement? I'm not sure; I use iReport and the only example I have involves a static text box (not a textField as you have). I have the isStyledText attribute.

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For a TextField object you need to set its markup property to html. As you say, &euro; is a HTML entity, not a RTF special symbol.

enter image description here

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