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Here are the facts as they stand:

  • I have a Django admin page although this question has nothing to do with Django.
  • This page has multiple <textarea> boxes.
  • I want to be able to go $('textarea.wmd').wmd() and see WMD editor bars appear over the top of my <textarea>s.

I've had a hack around with the original WMD version and a poke with Dana's SO version... But they're both global (attach to one ID). I've also seen mooWMD which is a MooTools port of Dana's SO version but I've ridden the MooTools train before and I've no wish to haul that into my admin pages.

So quite simply, is there a jQuery port of Dana's (or other) code that can attach itself to multiple targets?

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I found this WMD jquery plugin after a quick search:

It's a fork of Dana's SO version, and one of the major changes in the Readme states that it can work with multiple textareas in the same page, and is a jQuery plugin.

Include the script on your page, and then call it on your textareas like this:

$(function() {

As far as I am aware, this answers your question.

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2 has many improvements over – kvz Sep 16 '11 at 12:33

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