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Does anyone know if vtiger 5.2.1 works on Fedora 13? I only worked with vtiger on windows xp, and it seams that I have to migrate everything on linux, preferably Fedora. In vtiger's system requirements, it is mentioned only Fedora Core 6/9.


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vTiger should work on any platform supporting PHP. So yes, vTiger will run on Fedora 13 just fine.

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The best platform is Ubuntu or Red Hat, i don't recommend to use OpenSuse. With Fedora i haven't tried it yet

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  1. any system with apache, php and mysql is ok, even Mac!
  2. We have lunched it (Vt 5.2.1) on CENTOS 5.5 X64_86 last year. That's great.
  3. there is a picture depicting a working set measurements of this system in running state with a data base of ~10000 records: (linux command is : top -M) enter image description here

most of the times 1 GB of RAM is used (whole of the linux system) and bottleneck is mysqld service cpu usage!

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