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I want to to configure Apache for moved permanently response.

What ever idea I have about this is --

1) I need to add below line in httpaccess Redirect 301 /e/301 Can I put this line any where in httpaccess file?

2) then I have to have a page (say it is redirect.html, ) put in /var/www/html/project_name.

Which will be displayed on redirection(will show 301 code).

Now what I want is, if someone access the page example.html, it need to be redirected to redirect.html .

Where and what syntax I need to add or what changes need to be done in httpd or other different Apache files.

Please correct me if I am wrong in above two points.

Thanks alot.

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This sounds like abuse of the 301 response code. If you mean to indicate an error condition then you should use a 4xx response code. –  Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Dec 16 '10 at 14:44
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Got a solution- We can do it be using Redirection directory or by re-write engine in httpdaccess.conf

for doing this by re-write engine add below line in conf file

RewriteEngine On

for 302 code

RewriteRule /.* http://www.new_server.com/ [R]

for 301 - permanent redirecting the your side to another one

RewriteRule permanent /.* http://www.new_server.com/ [R]

for page

Redirect /old.html http://ww.new_server.com/new.html

Redirect permanent /old.html http://www.new_server.com/new.html

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