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I am new to Umbraco and have been able to get through most basic things. I am able to setup a site and and content already. However, I'd like to create my navigation with .NET control instead of using Xslt but I am stuck with relative little knowledge of Umbraco yet. Thanks.

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Technically you should have been able to use the standard SiteMap api provided by asp.net, but since Umbraco's implementation of a SiteMap provider is pretty broken i can't recommend going down that path since it will just give you problems later regarding to preview-mode and stuff :( –  Pauli Østerø Dec 18 '10 at 6:35

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You need to do this using API of umbraco. You can use them in your User control by Referencing the DLL's and importing namespaces.

E.g for your work.

umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory.Node Mynode = new umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory.Node(NodeIdOfYourParent);

 NodeIdOfYourParent = Node id of your Root node from where you want to begin traversal.

umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory.Nodes MychildrenNodes = node.children;

yourRepeater.DataSource = childrenNodes; yourRepeater.DataBind();

![alt text][1]

This way you can do the same.

Kind Regards, Jigar

P.S Just delivered TheJoint.com and individual and have 5 project completion in umbraco. Jigar.Mca@gmail.com.

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Hi Jigar, can you make it clearer how I can get the complete nodelist for the navigation so that I can then iterate (recurse if necessary) them and render them the way I want. For example what you do assume by 'NodeIdOfYourParent'? –  Gboyega Sulaiman Dec 17 '10 at 13:50
Hi GBoyega i have updated the answer. feel free to email me on developerjigar@gmail.com for any problem, Send me snap also. –  Jigar Pandya Dec 18 '10 at 5:25
please indent your code with 4 spaces to format it correctly –  Pauli Østerø Dec 18 '10 at 6:36

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