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i have a multi-threading applications it has something like this:


         //read data 

         //change and update


    //UpdateDate from time to time based on an event from somewhere else....

the application crash only in release time and it point out that a method in nhibernate "aftercommit" or something crashes i assume it something has to do with threading and nhibernate i can think of a solution for this by disableing cache or something in nhibernate.

has any one faced something similar ? any idea how to completely disable caching ?


Windows7. .net4 Nhibernate 2.1 Windows Forms nhibernate dataaccess generated by codesmith nhibernate template.

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1. What is the exception? 2. Where do you create and dispose sessions (a session is not thread safe)? 3. Do you use stateless sessions or normal ones? – Paco Dec 16 '10 at 22:22

The only artifact that is thread safe in nhibernate is the session factory. Make sure that you are not using the same session between different threads.

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