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I have an application with which i manage the source control with git. One of the folders is just a copy of the contents of another folder that is in outside the app, in an svn-controlled repo. To be specific:

this folder:

<app root>/public/assets/players/millionaire

Just needs to use the contents of an svn repo with the url:


Currently my workflow is

  • get notified that the svn repo has been updated
  • go to the svn folder and do "svn update"
  • rsync the contents of the svn folder (minus the .svn folders) into the relevant app folder
  • "git status" to see the changes and "git commit" to commit them in.

This is kind of clumsy though. What are my options for incorporating the svn folder automatically? Can i avoid having all of the .svn folders in my git-controlled codebase? (There's no rational reason for this, i'd just like to keep it as clean as possible)

grateful for any advice - max

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svn export <URL> should simply write all remote files to the local folder, but I guess it would download everything, not only the changed stuff. –  ZeissS Dec 16 '10 at 14:53

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Sounds like your workflow can be achieved using CommitMonitor: The tool periodically checks a SVN repo and (according to image 2 in the screenshots), it lets you specify a script that shall be executed when new revisions are detected:

alt text

Content of the script could be (in bash):

# define variables
# fetch latest svn revision
svn export --force $SVN_REPO $GIT_REPO # force because the files already exist
# commit the changes to git
git commit -a -m "pulled in from SVN"

This way, you don't need to have a local WC of the SVN repo at all...

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