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Facebook returns this date


However, I noticed that it's 5 hours ahead of my local time. It should be:


How can I convert this to local time in javascript?


After seeing some responses, I feel I should define what I'm searching for more clearly. How would I be able to determine the user's local time zone to format the date?

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The '+0000' is the time zone. If you're on PST that part would be '-0500'. –  Rup Dec 16 '10 at 14:59

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Here is the function to parse ISO8601 dates in Javascript, it also handles time offset correctly:

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Exactly what I need. Thanks. –  mjw06d Dec 16 '10 at 15:17

This might help you:

taken from Convert the local time to another time zone with this JavaScript

// function to calculate local time
// in a different city
// given the city's UTC offset
function calcTime(city, offset) {

    // create Date object for current location
    d = new Date();

    // convert to msec
    // add local time zone offset 
    // get UTC time in msec
    utc = d.getTime() + (d.getTimezoneOffset() * 60000);

    // create new Date object for different city
    // using supplied offset
    nd = new Date(utc + (3600000*offset));

    // return time as a string
    return "The local time in " + city + " is " + nd.toLocaleString();


// get Bombay time
alert(calcTime('Bombay', '+5.5'));

// get Singapore time
alert(calcTime('Singapore', '+8'));

// get London time
alert(calcTime('London', '+1'));
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Here's how I did it in Javascript

function timeStuff(time) {
      var date = new Date(time);
      date.setHours(date.getHours() - (date1.getTimezoneOffset()/60));  //for the timezone diff
      return date;
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