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Does anyone know of an easy way of setting up a price matrix in Magento?

For example Height x Width = price

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If you have discrete size steps, this is as easy as using the plugin you mentioned in your other question. Think screw sizes (limited number of sizes, each represented in stock). If you want to do truly customizable width and height, there is no built-in feature that I'm aware of that is equipped to do this.

Could you use a set width and a variable height (or vice versa)? That would work with product options.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Joe

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I think this extension will do perfectly for you: Magento Price Matrix

Some main features that you may find it very useful: . Easy-to-use and friendly backend interface . Configurable products with UNLIMITED attributes . Admin can create and edit products’ attributes with UNLIMITED options . Admin can preview matrix table in backend before publishing on front end . Calculate exactly the total money customers have to pay . Support Multi Language

Products from that site is very qualified and support team is excellent as well, so I recommend. Hope it helps!

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