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I have developed a gem which implements some algorithms that we'll use within a deployment of Redmine (Rails 2.3.5).

The gem was scaffolded with jeweler, which creates a Rakefile to generate the .gemspec file.

However, when I copied to vendor/gems and I run script/console I get the following warning:

config.gem: Unpacked gem cedrux_algorithms in vendor/gems has no specification file. Run 'rake gems:refresh_specs' to fix this.
config.gem: Unpacked gem cedrux_algorithms in vendor/gems not in a versioned directory. Giving up.

When I run the command rake gems:refresh_specs, I get the same messages. How can I properly "install" a gem within the vendor/gems in Redmine?

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This is accomplished by unpacking the gems on the vendor/gems directory:

$ cd RAILS_ROOT/vendor/gems
$ gem unpack the_gem
$ cd ../..
$ rake gems:refresh_specs
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