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I am trying a simple code to load a ui file runtime, but not able to load it.

QUiLoader loader;
QFile file(":/dialog.ui");
QWidget *myWidget = loader.load(&file, this);
QVBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout;

I have added the dialog.ui file in my .qrc file as well as mentioned here . Not getting any error message. Please tell me what has gone wrong.


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I'd check the return value of file.open(). –  Frank Osterfeld Dec 16 '10 at 19:01
The value of file.open is 1. Also 1 more thing is I am getting value of file as <not available> in the debugger. –  chai Dec 17 '10 at 5:52

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Ok got it.. Here's the code.

QUiLoader uiLoader;
QFile file(":/dialog.ui");
QWidget *sortDialog = uiLoader.load(&file);
if (sortDialog) {
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