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I'm developing a application that works on linux. I want to port this to the Android SDK Emulator. But everytime I start the application the emulator crashed with a segmentation fault.

Somebody has any clue why a selfmade program that's running on the Android Emulator could crash the entire emulator?

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What is the emulator stack trace. Does it happen with every AVD? –  rds Dec 17 '10 at 14:46

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Can you post up some code examples / logs of what is happening? You don't provide enough information for us to suggest why it would fail.

Best thing I can advise is to create a new emulator (only takes a few clicks) and try deploying your app on that, possibly try a different version.

If you can post up some logs/code examples of what might cause this, we can provide better answers

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Another debugging point to try would be launching a demo application/Hello Android on the emulator, to see if it is your application specifically.

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Apparently there was a bug in the version of the emulator that I used. When I updated the emulator to the latest version, it was solved.

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