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I read in the Emacs documentation that Emacs supports storing file names in registers that allows a user to quickly retrieve them via the command C-x r j r, where r is the name of the register. However, this is apparently limited to single character register names.

E.g. The following example works:

(set-register ?c '(file . "/gd/gnu/emacs/19.0/src/ChangeLog"))

i.e. it allows me to visit the file ChageLog above by just typing C-x r j z.

However, if I try to store the path to the above file in a register with a longer name, as in:

(set-register ?clog '(file . "/gd/gnu/emacs/19.0/src/ChangeLog"))

I get the following error message from he Lisp interpreter:

Invalid read syntax: "?"

My question then is: Is there a (easy) way of storing file names (and directory paths) in emacs using long name aliases, so that I can quickly visit them? (for editing a file, or loading it in dired).


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See Bookmarks.

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Thank you huaiyuan. I am looking into this, but it looks like Bookmarks' main feature is to give the user the ability to record positions you can jump to later. How can I use Bookmarks to store a pre-defined path that I can enter by hand, and that would persist across Emacs sessions? – Amelio Vazquez-Reina Dec 16 '10 at 17:34
Do you want to remember the file path (e.g. for yanking), or do you want to visit the file (or directory). If the latter, then bookmarks is definitely what you want. Visit a file/dir, then C-x r m (enter a name) RET to save it. If you now kill that buffer, you can visit it with C-x r b (bookmark name) RET. Bookmarks are persistent -- Emacs will ask you if you want to save your bookmarks on exit (or you can use M-x bookmark-save to do so immediately). – phils Dec 17 '10 at 0:13
Are you asking how to enter the location of a bookmark by hand, without visiting the file etc.? If so, here's the answer (Bookmark+). Also, you can always use command bookmark-relocate to change the target file (path) associated with a bookmark. – Drew Nov 2 '11 at 16:29

Registers in Emacs are designed to be accessed with single key presses, so they are named by characters. The ?x syntax is a character syntax. You could save paths in normal variables, or use a hash-table to avoid polluting the variable namespace, but I do not know a preexisting package to do this and only this.

I believe that the more common use case is to just keep files you want to access quickly/often open, and persist the session state. Switching between buffers can be made more convenient with something like iswitch.

I also do not see why Bookmarks do not fit your use case. If you really want to type the path by hand (add-to-list 'bookmark-alist '(bookmarkname (filename . "/path/to/your/file"))) appears to work, although visiting the file once and saving a bookmark is simpler.

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You can bookmark a file without actually visiting it. Sounds like that's what you're asking for: a way to specify the absolute file name and get a bookmark to it (so you can use the shorter, bookmark name).

Bookmark+ is what you want:

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