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In the MVC that I'm accustomed to, model classes (usually) represent tables and objects of these classes are rows/domain objects. I don't understand in CodeIgniter why model classes appear to just be singleton utility classes. It feels wrong writing

$data = array('text' => 'hello');

instead of

$comment = new Comment();
$comment->text = 'hello';

Can someone explain why CodeIgniter does models this way and make me feel better about it? (Or tell me what I can do to fix it.)

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I don't know why they design like that in the first place, but you can achieve what you want by using Datamapper ORM (, it's the most popular ORM specifically built for Codeigniter. – bobo Dec 16 '10 at 16:45
@bobo Hey, if you want to make an answer I'll accept it. The other answers were helpful but I ended up going with Datamapper. Thanks. – takteek Dec 21 '10 at 21:32
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Models in CodeIgniter are designed using singleton pattern you're right. While this seems confusing to many people who are used to working with a more PHP OOP approach, there are a few reasons.

The first most simple is that you can load a model just the once and have it available in the super-global for use throughout the system.

That's the only real plus here, the rest are apologetic explanations.

CI was built in 2006 with PHP 4 support as a main priority.

This is only just starting to change now EllisLab has dropped PHP 4 support from CI 2.0, but for now, that's how the framework works.

You can of course load a model then use whatever PHP 5 syntax you like for your models.


$comment = new Comment(); $comment->text = 'hello'; $comment->save();

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CodeIgniter doesn't include an ORM.

I would suggest to see at Doctrine that can be easily integrated with CI:

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You can check out my articles on how to use Doctrine (ORM) with Codeigniter.

Part 1 of 11:

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