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I have a question/Answer table which holds values for Days, Months, Weeks, Years and various other data like this:




Sample day would be like:

23 - Months

234 - Jan
235 - Feb
236 - March...

100 - 23 - 234
101 - 23 - 235 102 - 23 - 236 ...

All this is fine but I am lost on how do i pull (reference) this data into the front end forms? Obviously the months will be a drop down List on the site, so I want the drop down to pull in these values and I want these IDs to be written to the user table when they select a 'month' value for any question that has month. This way I can do analytic by having all data linked from 1 place. Any guidelines on how to go about this? Using mysql and php.

2) For months, do i need to store jan, feb, etc in seperate rows or can i seralize all data into one cell like "Jan", "Feb"... My concern is i need to do search on many of these lookup values so i dont know if i can do it within serialized text?

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Pull the data from the database using a while loop and mysql_fetch_assoc in order to iterate over each question

while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result) {
   $value = $row['question_id'];
   $month = $row['question'];
   echo "<option value='$value'>$month</option>";

The $result variables obviously being your DB query.

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