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I am wondering if there are specific cases where GWT is not suitable? For example would it be approriate to re-develop Stack Overflow using GWT?

I am developing an app which has a Java Restlet API and I was planning on using GWT (previously I would just have used bog-standard HTML/CSS with back-end PHP code calling an API). I am wondering if there are reasons why I shouldnt choose to do this?

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GWT is aimed at easing the process of creating web "applications". I don't think it would be a good idea to re-develop a "web site" like Stackoverflow in GWT. Google docs and GMail come to mind when we speak of web applications (you don't navigate away from the page, it is dynamically refreshed using Ajax, interactive LnF like a real application etc.) Of course, YMMV :-) – Sanjay T. Sharma Dec 16 '10 at 17:02
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My answer is not full but I believe the following bullets may be useful.

  • GWT should not be used for applications that mostly present textual information and some pictures, i.e. not very interactive. For these applications GWT does not bring you a lot of benefits.
  • GWT should not be used by teams that have strong web skill and relatively weak java skills.
  • Do not use GWT if you are required to support browsers that GWT does not support officially. For example MSIE 6.
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GWT does support MSIE 6:…? Actually, it even compiles a special permutation for it, with lots of workarounds. Did you mean IE 5.5? – Chris Lercher Dec 17 '10 at 0:57

have a look at this topic GWT for big projects ?

GWT is best choice to manipulate complex actions in a single page. like Google wave, Google mail ... you can easily update (ajax) any part of the page.

Because of the GWT is java-to-javascript compiler, user should wait the loading of .js files and it causes many and many problems if your web app is big. The bigger your project, the bigger javascript files, the more user should wait the loading of .js files

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IMHO If you have a static looking website like a blog, news portals, etc which each page has its own identity and represents an entity and is requested separately don't use GWT alone (you can still mix it with server-side generated pages like FB).

For most of other web apps especially if users sign in to use your app or your app is interactive and there is no technical problem use GWT (like Gmail design).

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If you have slow internet connection you will have to refresh page many times :( like gmail

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We are developing gwt based web application for 3 years. – Jama Dec 16 '10 at 17:25

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