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I am dipping my feet into an app that uses both ASP.NET Ajax (ControlToolkit, etc.) as well as Jquery.

Are there any pros/cons to using the ASP.NET Ajax mechanics for calling JSON-serialized .NET web service methods ... vs. using JQuery .ajax()? (Or is it "6 and 1/2 dozen"?)


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ASP.NET Ajax is deprecated and, I believe, no longer supported. It is pretty bulky too, as it tries to generate JavaScript objects instead of just using JSON. $.ajax is strongly recommended instead.

Here is a blog post that discusses the situation. It turns out ASP.NET Ajax is being moved into the Ajax Control Toolkit, which itself is shifting to a server-control focus. So if you're using ASP.NET WebForms and all the <asp:Whatever /> controls, Ajax Control Toolkit is OK... otherwise, e.g. if you're using ASP.NET MVC, definitely stick with jQuery.

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