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I might be thickheaded but I can't seem to get the Janrain (former RPX) to work. I have done the following:

  • Signed up and followed the stuff they need you to fill out.
  • Download the sample code (c#)
  • At my token site (mydomain.com/user/login) I have in the controller added the following call: var res = new Rpx("{myapi}", "http://{mysiteid}.rpxnow.com").AuthInfo("{mydomain.com/user/login");
  • Made sure that localhost is whitelisted

Whenever I try to call

var res = new Rpx("{myapi}", "http://{mysiteid}.rpxnow.com").AuthInfo("{mydomain.com/user/login")

I receive the error that the data is invalid on the following line:


alt text

Does anyone know what I might be missing?

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I found the answer.

I misunderstood the token, since they use token as the same term as the url it will do a postback to. I could get it to work by the following:

   var token = Request.Form["token"];
   var res = new Rpx("xxx", "http://{mysiteid}.rpxnow.com").AuthInfo(token);
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