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I want to have an nicely formatted HTML page/directory which describes all of our cucumber test cases (scenarios).

I am familiar with the HTML formatter for cucumber.... which is great for showing test results, but I'm looking for something a little different.... I want it to simply show what the test cases are, and be able to see the steps.

Essentially I am looking for something like rdoc, but it should generate test case documentation from .feature files. Additionally I'd like to have it key off a certain tag format to use that as a test case ID, and use that to link to various artifacts like test case runs/results.

Anyone know of something like this?

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features2html does what you want, except for the testid tracking tag.

I wrote it, feel free to use it in whichever way you like. Contributions are also very welcome.

From the description:

What is features2html?

features2html is a simple script that creates HTML based documentation from Cucumber features. The resulting layout is also suitable for printing as PDF from your favorite web browser.

Note that the documentation is generated from the source Cucumber feature files, and NOT from the test results (there are plenty of other tools that can do that).

Use features2html when you want to create a nice looking requirements specification, that you can email to your customer. You can focus on editing the actual feature files and let features2html make the features presentable to your customers.

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It doesn't cover everything you ask for, but have a look at Relish:

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