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i have a project that i will make on WordPress...

the people have there data on Ning CMS..

My Question:
1- how to get data in the Ning and move it to WordPress? 2- is it right choice to make website on WordPress and move data from Ning to WordPress?

Thanks and and waits the answer ....

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You can use BuddyPress to use Ning-like social networking functionality in WordPress. http://buddypress.org

You can then use the Ning-To-BuddyPress importer to import your users and their data: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/import-from-ning/

Whether it's the right choice depends on a lot of stuff. Your users might not want to move to a different server and away from Ning, but ultimately you'll have more freedom if you do (I.e., not confined by Microsoft's TOS; all WP plugins available; ability to use WP's network mode to create a blog network; lots of stuff). Also, with Ning's announcement that it's getting rid of their free tier, WP'll almost definitely be cheaper (See: http://techcrunch.com/2010/04/15/nings-bubble-bursts-no-more-free-networks-cuts-40-of-staff/).

Hope this helps!

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You can use the Ning API to bulk-import blog posts into a Ning site. There isn't a WordPress specific tool, but there are some client libraries on Ning's GitHub page to get your started. Note that it isn't possible to create members on your site, so you can't auto-import authors from your WordPress blog.

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