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how can I define new data type in ML, let's assume newList, such that it can consist lists of element 'a (int, real, etc.), nested lists, for example: if my type 'a is int, values may be: [1], [1,[4]], [1,[5],[[5]]], etc. thanks in advance for any help

EDITED sorry without 1 in the example, different lists of int, I deleted it

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You cannot. All elements in a list must be of the same type. In your example, some of the elements are of int type, and some are int list.

You can create something like this tree, but the syntax is not so nice to use :-)

datatype 'a multiList = Empty
                      | List of 'a multiList list
                      | E of 'a;

val x = List [E 1, List [E 1, List [E 4]], List [E 1, List [E 5]]];
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You are right, I changed question, can You help, please? – rookie Dec 16 '10 at 19:07
@rookie, I've updated my answer so it contains a polymorphic tree :-) Btw, I have examination in Standard ML tomorrow. It's nice to exercise a little :-) – Emil Vikström Dec 16 '10 at 19:39
good Luck, thank You for the answer! – rookie Dec 16 '10 at 23:42
datatype 'a multiList = E of 'a
                      | List of 'a multiList list

Your examples would be:

List [E 1]

List [E 1, List [E 4]]

List [E 1, List [E 5], List [List [E 5]]]
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