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If you start up vim with something like this:

vim -S myscript.vim file.txt

What is the load order of scripts? Does myscript.vim get loaded after or before ~/.vimrc.

If you pass in vimscript commands to vim directly on the command line, when do they get executed relative to sourced and default vimscripts?

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The help entry is way too long to post here, but it lists the order of everything that vim does at initialization. See :help initialization.

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I believe vimrc is always first. You can run :scriptnames to get a list of sourced scripts in order in which they were first sourced in your Vim instance.

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For added convenience, when using tpope/scriptease you get :Scriptnames which loads :scriptnames into a quickfix list. – unthought Feb 27 '13 at 10:03

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