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public class engageLink extends AjaxLink{
    private Engage engage;
    private String name;

    engageLink(String string, Engage anEngage,String name) {
        this.engage = anEngage; = name;
        hasEngage=((Application) getApplication()).getVtb().hasEngagement(engage,name);
            this.add(new AttributeAppender("onclick", new Model("alert('This is my JS script');"), ";"));
    boolean randevuAlmis;

    public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget target) {

              //do nothing or call ajax on failure script
         } else{
                 ((Application) getApplication()).getVtb().addEngagement(engage, name);
         setResponsePage(new Sick(name));
            protected org.apache.wicket.ajax.IAjaxCallDecorator getAjaxCallDecorator()
                return new AjaxCallDecorator()
                    public CharSequence decorateOnSuccessScript(CharSequence script)
                        return "alert('Success');";

                    public CharSequence decorateOnFailureScript(CharSequence script)
                        return "alert('Failure');";


This is my code.IN the method on click i call ajax onfailure script .but it doesn't work.

I tried adding javascript in the constructor.It does not work too.

What is the problem.

Note i call ajaxdecorator like;

getAjaxCallDecorator().decorateOnFailureScript("some message");

How can i solve these problems.


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Are you trying to call the failure script without a failure? If that's the case, you could call:



target.appendJavascript(getAjaxCallDecorator().decorateOnFailureScript("some message"));

BUT, you are calling setResponsePage() at the end of the onClick() method, I think that could block any scripts from being executed, since you are redirecting to another page instead of simply executing the ajax response.

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thank you guy firstly they dont work.Later i moved setResponsePage line into the else statement.Result is so good.Thank you very much – jacop41 Dec 16 '10 at 21:38

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