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Eclipse is displaying 'problems' for a JSP that is in a 'linked folder' from another project. I still want to see problems with JSPs in my project, but would like to filter out the problems from the linked folder.

This is for Helios.

Also, I like to have warnings/errors shown on 'selection' vs on project.

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For filtering try Project / Properties / Validation / JSP xxx validator / Settings / Add Exclude Group / Add rule / Folder or file name.

For selection Problems view menu (Ctrl-F10) / Configure Contents... / select configuration / select scope (e.g. on selected elements and its children).

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Good, but not quite. The Add Rule / Folder does not know about linked folders. I have a WebContent and a linked WebContent. I want to filter out the linked one only. –  Paul Croarkin Dec 16 '10 at 21:02

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