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I have a .post that appends a string of divs inside another hidden div. I want to be able to click on those images and show one of those divs that were dynamically created. The post sends back a json array. When I loop through that array I do this...

string += '<div id="div2'+variable+'">'+value+'</div>';

I need to be able to click on a different element and show that dynamically created div (div2 plus the variable so ) in a jquery dialog. I have tried this but I assume since it was created after the post request it is not in the DOM.

function showdiv(variable){        
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Create the element like this

var new_div = $('<div/>');
new_div.attr('id', 'div' + variable)

Then add an event handler to the other element: {
   $('#div' + variable).dialog('open');
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