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I have a query in Oracle that does a group by on Field1. This Query returns 2 Rows, however, row1 has a count of 2 on field1. I'd like to display the both Field1 values in a single cell on row1. Is this possible?

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Oracle doesn't have a built-in concat-like aggregate function. If these values are distinct why do you want them in the same row? – kurosch Dec 16 '10 at 22:54
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Tim Hall has a collection of the different string aggregation techniques available in Oracle. Depending on the Oracle version, I would generally prefer the built-in LISTAGG analytic function (for 11.2) or the user-defined aggregate function for earlier releases.

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I'm partial to COLLECT myself on 10g. – Dan Dec 16 '10 at 23:45

Counts of two are easy, just a MIN(field1)||','||MAX(field1)

You may want to cater for two rows with the same value differently:

CASE WHEN MIN(field1) != MAX(field1) THEN MIN(field1)||','||MAX(field1) ELSE MIN(field1) END

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Writing a small stored procedure is sometimes easiest, because you can control the formatting independently of number. The other answers may be better, but this is quicker if you're familiar with PL/SQL.

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