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Whenever I run 'build and archive' from XCode I get the following message:

Unable to copy dSYM file into archive.

Please make sure that your application has set the “Debug Information Format” build setting to “DWARF with dSYM File”.

I have checked my Debug format and it is set to the suggested value(DWARF with dSYM). Has anyone else ran into this issue, if so how did you fix it?

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Try setting 'Generate Debug Symbols' to true in the build settings of the target you're trying to build and archive.

This solved the issue for me!

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I just looked this up the forth time (I always forget what flag to set with that error). Incredibly helpful this post, I wish I could vote more than one point. –  Sven Hecht Aug 17 '11 at 16:15
Hi Sven, I thought the issue was no longer relevant in Xcode 4. Are you still on Xcode 3 or does this also apply to the new 4.x releases? Thanks for your kudos :)! –  Wilbo Baggins Aug 22 '11 at 14:54
still on 3 so dont know if it's relevant for 4. I'll need to upgrade soon but I try to avoid that mid-project. –  Sven Hecht Sep 8 '11 at 13:56

I just ran into the same problem, but I had an build script which removed the dSYM file before Xcode could. So it wasn't there and that was what Xcode was crying about.

I attached a screenshot, so perhaps the next one which runs into that problem can recover a bit quicker from that.

Unable to copy dSYM file into archive

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The 'Generate Debug Symbols' solution worked for me as well. After it worked once, I disabled the setting again, and I build & archive worked again, producing a file smaller by 700kb than the debug symbols enabled version. Not sure if this is actual savings after the app is on the app store, but it doesn't hurt!

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