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For windows programming, can I use PNG file as icon?

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Size is one of them. –  Ben Dec 16 '10 at 22:49

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An ICO is actually a specialized file format that contains a collection of images at potentially many different sizes and color depths. A png is a specific image.

What you can do is create an .ico from a .png. I've found IconMaker convenient for that purpose.

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Well, the difference is that they are different file formats :-).

As to using them as icons on MS Windows:

Only Vista supports PNG icons out of the box; for earlier Windows versions, you will have to use .ico files. There are however many converter programs. So your best bet probably is to internally store icons as PNG during development (as it is a superior format), then convert the icon to .ico during your application's build process.

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Technically no, but you can convert the file to an .ico using software. I found that Greg D's suggestion of iconmaker to give me some shoddy cmd program that seemingly had nothing to do with creating .ico's. I've found this much simpler and easier to use: http://converticon.com/

1.upload file 2.choose size 3.save

I think this is much more effecient imho

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