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Are there any open source URL shortening software projects out there? Perhaps something that works in conjunction with Apache?

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A lot of them popped up when I did a search on Github:

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Does this Count?

or this

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The liver version is read only due to changes in the google API. So this may not be usable any more. – Clay Nichols Nov 21 '14 at 15:50

Firefly claims it can be up & running in 2 minutes:

Here are some other suggestions:

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You could do it yourself easily enough with a database. Just store each long url in the database as a key and the short one as a value. You could easily create a short one with an auto-increment field in your table. Your urls would look like this:

In your server side programming language of choice, just do a look up into the table, and then do a redirect.

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Naturally. I'm hoping to not re-invent the wheel. Or at least get a good look at some existing wheels, first. – Shaggy Frog Dec 17 '10 at 0:20

I use in my shortener, very powerful and plugin enabled. You can also easily create your own pages with stats and stuff.

Here's mine:

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