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I installed PhoneGap 0.9.2 and followed the instructions from the PhoneGap wiki page "Getting Started with PhoneGap (BlackBerry Widgets)" to run the Phone Gap sample in 9550 BlackBerry simulator.

I used the simulator menu to set a geolocation to a known value. However, when I click the "Get Location" button in the sample, it prompted the following error message.

code: 104 message: GPS location acquisition timed out.

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The BlackBerry simulators are notoriously bad for doing geolocation properly... is the 9550 running OS 5 or 6? I would try to get a real device if I were you! –  davejohnson Dec 17 '10 at 0:34

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Switch to the 9800 simulator and that should work. And I should get some stackoverflow points :)

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Thanks to davdjohnson's comments. I also found the similar complaints on BB's forum. I switched to 9800 simulator and the geolocation works.

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