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I'm working in a framework that uses commons-fileupload.

Now I need to write unit test classes. My doubt is how to write mock tests if ServletFileUpload is not an interface? There are another way to test my classes?

Yesterday I wrote unit tests using mockito for Servlet Parts, and it's easy. But I can't think how to write tests for commons-fileupload.

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You could go back to basics and hand roll your mock object by either wrapping or extending and overriding. Sometimes its easier to not depend on a mocking framework for everything.

Mocking Mocking and Testing Outcomes

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Thank you. I did with your approaching:… – garcia-jj Dec 19 '10 at 23:40
Just in case someone needs to access that link:… – Anupam Saini May 20 '14 at 2:28

I would consider wrapping your FileUpload calls in another layer. While it might sound like overkill, it would allow you to switch upload libraries very quickly with the added ability to better unit test your calls...It seems like you are tightly coupling your app to commons-fileupload...

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