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I have this problem in a production application where query string parameters are being added to the login redirect url. To reproduce this, create a new MVC project (I tested with both MVC2 and MVC3 R2). In the HomeController add the following action:

public ActionResult Break()
    return new HttpUnauthorizedResult();

Launch the application and hit /home/break?a=1&b=2. So this should naturally redirect to /Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=/home/break%3fa%3d1%26b%3d2 but it actually adds the requested parameters (&a=1&b=2) to the end of the url as well:

alt text

Why is this happening? There's no need for those parameters to be added since the encoded url in ReturnUrl has the required parameters. I thought it would be something in the production application, but if the steps above are followed, a default MVC application will reproduce this as well. Any thoughts on how to solve this are appreciated.

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This is done so that the LogOn action will have access to the original (unencoded) querystring values.

So given the URI


The ReturnUrl key/value pair is the URI to redirect to after a successful login and it contains the encoded querystring pairs from the previous request.

To change this behaviour you'd need to override how the redirect is being built.

protected void Application_EndRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (Response.RedirectLocation != null && Response.RedirectLocation.Contains("ReturnUrl"))
        // change redirect URI
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Thanks. It makes sense now that I think about, it just made me very curious initially. I will leave this be since it's by design. –  TheCloudlessSky Dec 17 '10 at 1:29

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