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I have a very basic Visual Basic Program that I created in Visual Studio 2010. It's a form application where clicking a button runs a simple calculation and then outputs the answer with MsgBox. When, I debug it works properly, however when I successfully build and run the exe, nothing happens. What could be going on here?

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Have you checked the task manager to see if it is an active process? – Mark Hall Dec 17 '10 at 3:15
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Are you doing anything like this?

Debug.Print(MsgBox("Your answer is 7.  Try again?", vbYesNo))

In other words, are you making use of a library that is only available to a debugging session (in this case, System.Diagnostics).

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Nope, just MsgBox("Your answer is 7. Try again?", vbYesNo) – Brian Dec 17 '10 at 3:01

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