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How can I setup autoloading such that I can have my directory structure like

    /models  <<--- plural

And have Zend/Doctrine Autoloader load Application\Model\User. Notice Model is singular.

Currently I have autoloader setup as follows (in Bootstrap.php _initDoctrine())

$zendAutoloader = Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getInstance();

// Symfony
$autoloader = array(new ClassLoader('Symfony'), 'loadClass');
$zendAutoloader->pushAutoloader($autoloader, 'Symfony\\');

// Doctrine 
$autoloader = array(new ClassLoader('Doctrine'), 'loadClass');
$zendAutoloader->pushAutoloader($autoloader, 'Doctrine\\');

// Models
$autoloader = array(new ClassLoader('Application\\Model', realpath(__DIR__ . '/models')), 'loadClass');
$zendAutoloader->pushAutoloader($autoloader, 'Application\\Model');

// Proxies
$autoloader = array(new ClassLoader('Application\\Model\\Proxy', realpath(__DIR__ . '/models/proxies')), 'loadClass');
$zendAutoloader->pushAutoloader($autoloader, 'Application\\Model\\Proxy');

Currently, when I try using Application\Model\User, I get

require(D:\Projects\Tickle\application\models\Application\Model\User.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Its trying to include application\models\Application\Model\User.php. hmm its wierder than I expected. How can I fix it anyways?

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$modelsClassLoader = new ClassLoader('Application\Model', __DIR__ . '/models');
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The way I resolved this was to use Doctrine's autoloader/ClassLoader instead of Zend's

// disable Zend Autoloader

// use Doctrine2's Class Loader
$autoloader = new ClassLoader('Zend');

// Symfony
$autoloader = new ClassLoader('Symfony');

// Doctrine 
$autoloader = new ClassLoader('Doctrine');

// Application
$autoloader = new ClassLoader('Application', realpath(__DIR__ . '/..'));

1 of my mistakes was that I should be using realpath(__DIR__ . '/..') which with my directory structure, ...

/Tickle (Project name)

Points to "Tickle", so that when doctrine appends the path "Application/Models/User.php" it will look like "/Tickle/Application/Models/Users.php" which exists

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