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How can we use substring, trim, length operations on some text of blob datatype. And how can we update a column of blob datatype using query?


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The same comment as for your last query: show us what kind of blob you are using, with which version of Informix server and Informix client. –  Michał Niklas Dec 17 '10 at 9:04

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With difficulty!

First of all, which of the 4 various types of blob are you discussing:

  • BYTE
  • TEXT
  • BLOB
  • CLOB

These come in pairs (like Sith Lords): there is a binary version (BYTE, BLOB) and a text version (TEXT, CLOB). There's also another pairing: old (BYTE, TEXT) and newer (BLOB, CLOB). The BYTE and TEXT types were introduced with Informix OnLine 4.00 in about 1989. The BLOB and CLOB types were introduced with Informix Universal Server 9.00 in 1996, and are also known as SmartBlobs.

However, there's a very real sense in which it doesn't matter which of the types you are referring to.

There are very few operations that can be performed on BYTE and TEXT blobs. They can be fetched and stored, but for all practical purposes, that's all. I believe you can use LENGTH to determine the length of a TEXT blob. I don't believe there are any methods available to update part of BYTE or TEXT blob; it is an all-or-nothing replacement. Further, the replacement is from a host variable of the appropriate type - there are no BYTE or TEXT literals.

The situation is a bit better with SmartBlobs, but I'm not an expert on them. There are mechanisms for obtaining a LO (large object) handle and then manipulating that, but I don't think those are available server-side (from SQL or SPL). I may be willfully not understanding what's available with the SmartBlobs, but I think the operations are only available from programming APIs and not within SQL. There are no BLOB or CLOB literals either. However, you can use SQL to load from files (FILETOBLOB, FILETOCLOB) and write to files (LOTOFILE) - with the files either on the server or on the client.

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+1, yes blobs are Sith Lords and Informix is the Emperor. –  Martin Wickman Nov 2 '12 at 12:18

I have already answered your question about substring: substring operation on blob text in informix . With BLOBs you can use substring operator, but not SUBSTRING() nor SUBST() functions.

You can also use LENGTH(), but not TRIM().

Example code:

CREATE TABLE _text_test (id serial, txt_vch varchar(200),  txt_text text);
INSERT INTO _text_test (txt_vch, txt_text) VALUES ('1234567890', '1234567890');
SELECT txt_vch, txt_text, txt_vch[3,5], txt_text[3,5], length(txt_text) FROM _text_test;

In my example I used TEXT blob type (Jonathan showed you more blob types, you should show us what kind of blob you use in question). Last select shows usage of substring operator and LENGTH() function. You can replace LENGTH() function with other functions like TRIM() to test it with your environment. In my case TRIM() test ends with:

ODBC Error: -880 [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]
Trim character and trim source must be of string data type.

Last select works well with JDBC 3.70JC1 driver, but it seems that ODBC 3.70TC1 driver has bug and shows 3 first chars: 123 instead of 345. Test it yourself.

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