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I'm curious about the ability to simultaneously edit files. How it works, when can't it work. For example, if I put any number of files up on a network share (or maybe DropBox) it's usually not possible to collaborate on them with someone else. Let's say I want to work on a SolidWorks model with someone else. Is it SolidWorks that locks up the file, is it something that needs to be build into the filetype, or a combination of these?

Ultimately I'm thinking of cool things to do with node.js and and simultaneously messing with files.

Edit: If anyone knows what Google Docs and other online office suites are doing in the background I'd love specific explanations too.

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You should look into using some sort of source control software. It seems like that might be the correct technology for what you are describing. I recently started using Visual SVN. It's free, easy and effective.

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