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I use this validation:

validates_numericality_of :price, :greater_than_or_equal_to => 0, :less_than => 1000000

How could I set a different :message for each one of the following cases ?

  • price < 0
  • price >= 1000000
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Assuming you're using Rails 3, another option you have is to create a custom validator:

# You can put this in lib/better_numericality_validator.rb
class BetterNumericalityValidator < ActiveModel::EachValidator
    def validate_each(record,attribute,value)
        if value < 0
            record.errors[attribute] << "must be greater than or equal to 0"
        elsif value >= 1000000
            record.errors[attribute] << "must be less than 1000000")

Then you can use your custom validator in your model:

# In your model.rb
validates :price, :better_numericality => true

This method is very similar to Anubhaw's answer. But pulling the logic out into the a custom validator makes it so that you can reuse the validation elsewhere easily, you can easily unit test the validator in isolation, and I personally think that validates :price, :better_numericality => true leaves your model looking cleaner than the alternative.

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You can use following in model.rb:-

def validate
  if self.price < 0
      errors.add(:price, "custom message")
  elsif self.price > 1000000
      errors.add(:price, "custom message")


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How about:

validates_numericality_of :price, :greater_than_or_equal_to => 0, :message => "Foo"
validates_numericality_of :price, :less_than => 1000000, :message => "Bar"

I've not tested it, but it should work? Alternatively, Anubhaw's question is a good fallback.

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The problem with this is if I enter foo, I'll see both messages (I want to see only the first one). – Misha Moroshko Dec 17 '10 at 5:56

At some point, you should probably ask yourself whether it isn't time to apply some convention over configuration.

In my opinion, an error message such as "Please enter a valid price greater than 0 and less than 1 million" (or similar) is a perfectly valid solution to the problem. It prevents you from adding unnecessary complexity to your application and allows you to move on to other (presumably more important) features.

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You may want to add custom format, say "should be less than $ 1000", or "3344 is too much people". – grilix May 11 '12 at 0:02

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