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I am new to spring AOP and I write a small test of aspectJ AOP pointcut,

public void test1() {

    AspectJExpressionPointcut pointcut = new AspectJExpressionPointcut();
    pointcut.setExpression("execution(public * java.util.*.*(..))");

    System.out.println(pointcut.matches(String.class)) ;

I expect it will print out "false", because String.class is not include in java.util package. but actually it gives me the "true", What mistake I made?

version: spring 3.0

Thanks in advance.

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This pointcut is looking for executions of methods from the java.util package and sub-packages, of which there are several in the String class. e.g. the source of String.replaceFirst(String, String) looks as follows (comments inserted by me):

public String replaceFirst(String regex, String replacement) {
        /* java.util.regex.Pattern */ Pattern.compile(regex).matcher(this)
        /* java.util.regex.Matcher */ .replaceFirst(replacement);

So the match is correct.

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