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How do you create a layout where you have a fixed-width side-menu but the main content scales to the rest of screen?

Here is a sample of the markup:

<ul id="sideMenu">
<div id="mainContent">
   ... everything else ...

Is this possible?

Also, it would be great if we could set a min-width on mainContent as well as this working all the browsers consistently ;)

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Float the sideMenu and then set the margin of mainContent to match that. This keeps the mainContent from wrapping around the sideMenu.

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This is great. So elegant and works just as easily for right-floated or left-floated bars. One could only wish the css spec were clearer because this is non-obvious, but I'm glad it's much better than using tables. Thank you! –  egervari Dec 17 '10 at 7:48

it may be possible by placing ur content in a table with cellspacing and cellpadding set to 0. Set the width of the td also to 100%. All u have to do is trial and error method to see.

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I'd like to use to use div's if I can. I only want to use tables if I absolutely have to. I already know how to do this with tables. –  egervari Dec 17 '10 at 6:14

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