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Dear all, my issue is this. I have like the alert box to display all the text I have in a element. May I know how I can do it?

My ori idea:

<a onclick="displaytext(something)">testing</a>

function displaytext(something){

Can someone please help me to solve this? Thanks.

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Use innerHTML (or innerText if you don't want the HTML) and this:

function displaytext(something) {
    alert(something.innerHTML); //alerts 'testing'
    return false;

<a onclick="displaytext(this)">testing</a>
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Use the innerHTML attribute, after you've gotten the object using getelementbyid or similar.

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If you are just wanting to display the text you should use innerText

Live example


<a onclick="displaytext(this)">testing</a><br />
<a onclick="displayOtherText()">I'll display the div innerText</a><br />
<a onclick="displayOtherHtml()">I'll display the div innerHTML</a><br /><br />
<div id="textToDisplay"><span>Some sample</span> text here</div>


    function displaytext(element){
    function displayOtherText(){
    function displayOtherHtml(){
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you should use a simple function like this. but be careful this function takes an element id so this will not work for a class name or a element name.

function sayText(elId) {
    var html = document.getElementById(elId).innerHTML;
    if (html != null) alert(html)
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