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Im setting up a svn repository and wondering where i should put the dll files.

What Ive currently done is put them in the /bin/debug folder and then link them in my project file in visual studio.

is this the way to do it?

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We typically have a seperate folder called dlls or something where we keep all 3rd party dlls/assemblies

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do you put it in the solution folder (top folder for the project): ./dlls or in ./projectname/dlls? – Jason94 Dec 17 '10 at 8:13
Yes, we keep it with the solution. – Adriaan Stander Dec 17 '10 at 8:13

I presume you are asking about third party dll files, because the output (exe/dll) files generated by the project are better left unmanaged by SVN, because they are regenerated on each and every build.

What I usualy do is create a Lib folder, that is on the top level of my source tree, and put all needed references there, usually in additional folder divided by tool or by functionality (logging, emailing, apis, etc, etc...)

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You should not put anything from the bin/Debug or bin/Release in your source control. If you do that, you will lose them when you clean your solution or your projects. What you have to do is create a folder, within the solution folder for example, and reference the dlls in your projects. Any third-party dll that is in the references of a project will be copied to the bin/Debug or bin/Release folder when the project is compiled.

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